All good ! .. we know to go to that first step then put other info in. Too easy.

Thank you.


30 May 2017

- Riddell Real Estate

George, just can't say how much I like your job. You have done for us. Keep up the good work.

Kevin Stewart - Sales Manager

- JLP Real Estate.

Thanks mate. I have to tell you...totally sincerely...that it is a continuing pleasure to deal with IRENE and Agents Data support. The 'can do' and 'have got it sorted' attitude and performance is exceptional.


- Zoom Property Agents

Thank you George…

I love the way you are talking and think it has legs to grow substantially.
The independents really do need a strong voice .
Thanks again and well done..i know how hard business is …so i really respect people like you who keep at it until its a real success.

Andrew Coronis

- Coronis Real Estate

Just wanted to put in writing my thanks for you professionalism in your dealings with myself and myhome over last few months. The refreshing thing I noticed with the IRENE organisation was a genuine passion for the industry and IRENE members. I think you have a great future ahead of you .

Nick Jones

- (PBL)

It was a pleasure meeting you and felt it invigorating talking to someone of the same mindset relating to the future of our industry.

Alan Lambert (Chairman L J Hooker)

- L.J. Hooker Limited

Thank you George for protecting the independents that is more than I have received from any other real estate organisation.

Josephine Garner

- Atlantic Real Estate

Well done George!

Tracie Harrington

- Tracie Harrington Real Estate

Keep up the good work mate.

Pelham Marsh

- Brisbane Boutique Property

Congratulations. I am most grateful to you as I am sure every other independent is.

Janet Kayes

- Domain Harbourside

Thank you for everything you have no idea how much I appreciate your help.

Liane Garrick

- Garrick Real Estate

We appreciate the effort you have made to bring this to fruition

Darryl and Mary Ebert,

- Eureka Realty

As always George you are brilliant

Jarrod Lane

- Property Network

Very excited to move forward with IRENE

Shaun Mahoney

- Connect

Great thanks very much

Pamela Lesslie

- Rose Callaghan Realty Sunshine Beach Accommodation

Thank you very much for your help

Maree Richardson

- Beaudesert Properties

YA HOO!!!!! Keep up the great work

John. A. Cauchi-Gera

- KBR Property Sales and Rentals

Thank you for your hard work George.

Tony Rogers

- Colonial Commercial Real Estate

keep up the great work

David Arnold

- Morayfield Properties

You are a standout in the industry and I commend you for what you are trying to achieve. Go George!!!

Trevor Harrex

- Strata Realty

Thanks George, you’re a true champion of our industry mate

Glenn Twiddle

- Trainer / Coach

I wish to advise, after 19 years, I am selling business. I wish to cancel my membership
as from 30 November, 2011. I would like to take this opportunity to say what an amazing job
you have done, in making IRENE into this wonderful network of independent agents.
You are to greatly admired and thanked for the task you have undertaken with such determination and style.

Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure to be associated with IRENE from almost the start and I wish you and your team continued success.

Debbie Kellow

- Algester Property Consultants

Fantastic! Well done, George.

Doug Disher

- Doug Disher Real Estate

Congraulations George

Jane Erkens

- Nanango Real Estate

Thanks a lot for your assistance with this George

Paul Chapman

- Benchmark Realty

Hip hip horray for George and team. Very much appreciated.

Cynthia Mayne

- Mayne Real Estate

George I will be there with bells on, can I throw darts at any who are not financial.
You are doing good work, congrats.
Happy days are here again...

Brian Hayes

- E-Noosa Realty

I just wanted to share with you the fabulous month my agency has just experienced
and I give a lot of credit for it to the strength of the IRENE market push in the Ipswich area.
We have just had our best ever month of trading since opening nearly 4 years ago.
Not only did our sales increase but the walk-in trade to our office did as well.
We had this week, 3 walk-in new landlords into our office and I feel
it is from our added exposure in the IRENE promotion.
As well we placed an ad in our house ads looking for a new sales person and
we had a good result and 2 very strong potential new sales staff members,
and a experienced property manager reply off the sales person ad.

Michelle Heit

- Heritage City Realty

Just a brief contact to say it was great to meet you yesterday and be able to move forward
on issues of benefit to both IRENE and Kaplan Professional.
I personally wish there were more like you in our great industry,
that share your passion. Melissa will be in touch with you Monday with more detail
so we can finalise what we discussed.
All the best and we look forward to getting the IRENE / Kaplan program in place.

Bill Robertson

- Kaplan Professional

Thank you For your reply you are doing a great job!!!

Rachael MClachlan

- Rachael MClachlan

I greatly admire you for your huge efforts over many years

Nanette Lilley

- Nanette Lilley Property

Thank you very much for great work George,

Ralph HOHL

- North Brisbane Properties

It is a real pleasure working with you George.

Dean Downes

- StrataPay Pty Ltd

It appears that plans for improving the profile over Ipswich way are proceeding along nicely.
Congratulations to all, it shows that having the faith with your idea’s for IRENE are
certainly proof that by standing together and consolidating the strength of so many
great minds that we will all benefit, and above all else bring us to an even playing field
with “THE BIG BOY”S’.
I am sure I can speak on behalf of us all over here at the Sunshine Coast
that we are looking forward to our turn.

Les Hadlow

- Woombye Real Estate

Thanks so much but I have used my contact at RT Edwards this time. I will definitely try yours next time. Great to see so much happening at Irene - you’re a legend

Debbie Kellow

- Algester Property Sales

Thank you, George and Amanda.
Kerry from Oxenford has been in touch with us and has sent through the first property briefs for us to look at.
Thanks again for referring us.

Geoff Bowmaker

- Bowmaker Realty

I hear you George,
You have a vision and it is clearly worth it despite the obstacles! Stick at it,
I’m here to enjoy the ride with you.

Dylan Ansems

- Ipswich Real Estate

George, thanks for the positive feedback, we are pretty happy with the overall result, our page needs a little tweaking. So far so good, we are running another full page this week.
Thanks again for your hard work,

Grant McDonald

- Heritage City Realty

You have shown yourself to be a true professional and friend when not many have stepped up to the plate...I'll never forget that..

Ken Westmore

- Ken Westmore Realty

My office manager Kerry has made contact with Geoff of Bowmaker Realty for our referrals
so far. Again thanks for the contact information and we will endeavour to keep all our referrals
within the IRENE network

Murray Williams

- Oxenford Realty

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to send one of my staff to jade’s “Prospecting” course yesterday. I’ve chatted with Alan who went and he’s has gained plenty from it. ….
Much appreciated.

Tina McCleland

- Realty 1, The Gap

Excellent, I admire the way you make things happen and take control.

Steven A Fazakerley

- IT Development & Solutions

Just thought I would let you know we have gained a long term (major group)
client using the IRENE concept.
When asked why they should allow my agency to sell their home since we
were an independent and did not have the backing of a large franchise, I advised
them we belonged to a larger and more comprehensive network than (Major group)
or any franchise for that matter. IRENE gives our office the ability to network your property to 4000 agencies with some 15,000 salespeople.

IRENE has a dedicated web site solely for that purpose.

They were most impressed; we got the listing and sold it within 24 hours at the
price they wanted. They have now declared we are their new agent and they are
currently working on another renovator which we will be selling in about 3 months’ time.
We even got a Thank You gift from them!!

Furthermore and I feel even more important (for the long term), I noticed the sales
team become more Professional in their attitude as they now feel part of a powerful
organisation. However the great thing is, I am still a Independent Agent running my
business my way.

Thank you IRENE, this is just too good!

Bronwyn Handley

- Switch Realty

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication throughout the time we have been members.

David Kratochvil

- David K Realty

This is fantastic George. Relax over Christmas, we will attack this again in the New Year.
Thank you for your efforts George, they are greatly appreciated.

George Westgarth

- Westgarth Realty

I see you have been working very hard on IRENE - congratulations

Lyall S Brooks

- J L P Real Estate Wynnum

I'm extremely impressed with the amount of work
you are doing to support the independents, I hope you receive the same
rewards in return.

Troy Moxly

- Moxley Realty

Thank you for your hard work on this one!

Rebecca Hausler

- Hausler Realty

In case no one has told you lately – YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE BLOODY LEGEND!!!

Bronwyn Handley

- Switch Realty

I completely understand and wish you all the success, you deserve it! I have seen
through the years how committed you are to IRENE.
It was a pleasure to have you as a client and if you ever need my services,
please do not hesitate to call.


- Bee Bookkeeping