June 2017 and still no leading and Industry owned portal and associated services
Yet Squiiz should now be an absolute Powerhouse


  1. IRENE met major groups bringing them together for a genuine Industry owned portal.
    But Franchise investment saw Franchise Group 80% Independents 20% Squiiz control
    That is Independents lost their voice
    E.G. IRENE pushed name change / Squiz goes to Web developer - but all requests ignored!
  2. All groups and agents eagerly embraced IRENE strategy 'Portal Logo on Sign Boards'
    Unique to Agents, $100M value - free 24/7 in your face marketing - UNMATCHED
    Everyone including top tier marketing Agencies saw this as a catalyst for other unique to Agents unmatched and FREE marketing strategies - The Game Changer
  3. It was then mentioned several times that IRENE was growing strongly - very strongly
  4. Then astoundingly, some Board members refused to add logo to Boards?
  5. This blew everyone out of the water and literally stopped the Game Changer -  WHAT!!!
  6. Then Independents said if Franchisors own 80% and Ind. 20% why would we support this
  7. Basically everything stopped for no reason - Or is there a reason?
  8. The board now talking with investors - and encouraging Independents direct upload
  9. But why Investors when momentum and agents support was starting to PUMP
  10. Both Franchisees and Independents screaming for answers and IRENE Model
    Fundamental - utilise unique to Agents buying power - Unmatched 


  1. IRENE Model - two entity owned Portal structure - 50/50 NOT 80/20
  2. Even Franchisees see this as a critical move - as we Must have Industry control and soon.
  3. Independents need to fund the 50% -  small fee multiplied by many
  4. IRENE is a Co-op giving Ind. Principals 50% ownership of portal and services
  5. Two great Portal opportunities with great URL's - If  the new Squiiz (name is being changed) structure is not suitable to Principals/ Industry.
  6. NOW watch this space - This is what every Principal wants - Now in your hands!


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